Welcome to DukeEngage-Durham 2016!

Welcome to the DukeEngage-Durham 2016 program blog! Over the course of the 10-week program, we will be sharing our experiences in Durham, NC and Durham, UK as we compare and contrast approaches to community economic development through service partnerships with nonprofits and schools.

Click here to meet this year’s 11 DukeEngage-Durham students. Also, be sure to check out our community partners.

DukeEngage-Durham is a comparative introduction to community-based, economic development efforts in Durham, NC and its sister city of Durham, England. Participants will serve both communities through structured, immersive and full-time volunteer placement with local nonprofits in both communities. Working in small, cooperative teams, participants will be matched in advance of the program with one agency in NC and one in the UK.

Participants will explore the unique historical background of both communities, which continue to be transitioning from a declining 20th century industrial base, tobacco and textiles in North Carolina and coal mining in England, to a 21st century knowledge‐based economy. DukeEngage‐Durham staff have thoroughly evaluated the volunteer work each student will perform here in the U.S. and in collaboration with our partners at Durham University, the 3rd oldest institution of higher education in England. This program values community building and provides many avenues for program participants to grow. In addition to volunteering alongside the staff of a partner agency, participants will join in a variety of orientations, trainings, readings, special presentations, historical and neighborhood tours, and weekly reflection sessions to deepen their knowledge of both Durham communities and the ways local citizens engage their city.

Program Leaders 

  • Domonique Redmond, Assistant Director for Programs, Duke Community Service Center; DukeEngage-Durham Program Director
  • Sam Miglarese, Director of Community Engagement, Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership

Program Scope

  • May 31-July 9 (Durham, NC)
  • July 9-August 6 (Durham, UK)



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