Making Durham Home

Never knowing what to expect. That’s really been the theme of my DukeEngage experience so far. I’ve been working at The Scrap Exchange and the environment changes every day. Some of the things that have occurred in the workplace since I’ve been there include summer camps, boot camp sessions for people with the goal of starting a similar non-profit, an onsite visit from a foundation regarding a possible grant, and the arrival of goats to clear out the space required to develop the community garden. The constant stream of events within the organization means that the workplace is always buzzing with activity.

The organization is a creative reuse center whose mission is centered on diverting waste going to landfills. The building is separated into three different sections: the office spaces, the processing and donation center and the retail store. So far, I’ve been working with each of the different departments to get oriented with the company’s operations and to understand their different revenue streams.

One of the things I really appreciate about the organization is the friendly and helpful nature of the employees. One morning I fell while riding to work one morning and on arriving one of the employees helped patch me back up and made me promise that I would not leave that day without finding a helmet.

Outside of work, my roommate and I have begun navigating our way around the kitchen, going from questionable meals to some surprisingly better dishes this past week. It’s also been interesting to have the opportunity to explore Durham and try out the different food and dessert places, wander through the art museums and admire the beautiful murals!




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  1. I love that you are working at the Scrap Exchange this summer! I wish we had something like this in New York as I am always going all over tarnation looking for vision boarding materials. Cannot wait to hear more!


    1. anahita348 says:

      It’s been great experience! I can imagine, the variety of things they have in the store is incredible!


  2. Erica says:

    The scrap exchange! Beloved by Durham families and kids — that’s a creative life hub of the city, I’m so excited that you’re working there! Can’t wait to hear more about it 🙂


    1. anahita348 says:

      It has been an exciting time! Looking forward to sharing more of my experiences with you 🙂


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