Cheers, Threshold

It just seems like yesterday that I was working my first day at Threshold. I remember hesitantly working in the Snack Bar and not really sure what I was doing. However, during the past six weeks, I have learned to confidently work all four units, communicate with the members (and learn all their names!), befriend the staff, and begin and finish my own independent project. Each day in the Clubhouse was a completely new experience which opened my eyes to a lifestyle that I was not used to.

During the past three weeks, I helped run our “Happy Hour” sessions, which consisted of mini-lessons aimed at teaching the members everyday skills. These skills touched the surface of technology, budgeting, and employment techniques. The lesson that stuck out to me the most was the first day in which we taught the members how to use the internet so they could access websites such as Pandora and YouTube. One member in particular, Lorraine, was notoriously shy and quiet. I had yet to have a conversation with her other than the daily greeting, but she decided to show up to our lesson. I showed her how to search her favorite band, the Steve Miller Band, and before long she was jamming to “Jungle Love” with a radiating grin across her face. Other members in the room were also singling along to the likes of Nat King Cole and listening to lectures on YouTube. This became commonplace over the three weeks as we taught lessons ranging from how to find jobs on websites like to how to create a grocery list.

As I worked my final shift yesterday, we gathered in the Great Room to reflect and celebrate our six weeks at Threshold. During this meeting, multiple members stood up and thanked us for not only our mini-lessons (and it wasn’t just the snacks bringing them in day after day!) but also our service over the weeks. We were thanked with desserts and t-shirts, and it was at this moment that I realized how much I had enjoyed working at Threshold. My goal is to continue this service at Threshold by hopefully having the clubhouse partner with one of the clubs I am part of at Duke (Synapse). My aim is to show the members of my club at Duke how great of an experience it is to work at Threshold and hopefully continue this collaboration down the road after I graduate. asdfasdf.jpg


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